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Adults with Disabilities Employment Program

Individuals with disabilities are highly likely to be unemployed, especially if they have limited English proficiency. Nearly 50% of individuals with disabilities live below the poverty level and receive significant federal and state assistance. The VRMI Adult Employment Program will help individuals with disabilities who are qualified to work in the U.S. transition from poverty and dependence to independence and employment. In cooperation with Illinois DHS/DRS, VRMI job placement specialists will utilize an innovative case management approach, customizing a vocational plan for each customer. Coordinating and leveraging the collective assets within an established network of businesses, community-based organizations and other agencies, VRMI will establish a single point of entry to help individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain employment. Ongoing educational and supportive activities and interventions with business owners and other community providers will help reduce barriers to employment for people with disabilities, particularly those with limited English proficiency in Latino populations.

This program is being sponsored by Illinois Department of Human Services - Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Services for Farmworkers and Family Members with Disabilities in Illinois

Each year, thousands of migrant workers and their families travel to Illinois to work for farms, orchards, nurseries and canneries throughout the state. These hard-working laborers work daily with plants and soils that have been treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. As a result, they frequently experience employment-related illnesses and injuries. Also, working with farm equipment is dangerous. For these reasons, formwork is one of the most accident prone occupations in the nation. Migrant seasonal farmworkers experience a variety of barriers to services. Many don't earn enough to pay for health care services as insurance and sick leave benefits are rarely provided by their employers. A loss of a day's wages or the threat of losing their jobs prevents migrant seasonal farmworkers from seeking medical care. Therefore, untreated conditions can develop into serious health problems or disabilities.


Specially-trained program staff, located across the state, can help:


- Identify and provide information to Latinos and their families about available services.

- Make direct referrals to vocational rehabilitation programs.

- Support individuals and families and the vocation rehabilitation program to ensure that services are provided.

- Advocate for Latinos with disabilities and their families.


This program is being sponsored by Illinois Department of Human Services - Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Customized Employment Program

VRMI working in partnership with DRS will be offering the Customized Employment Program to Latinos with disabilities. With this program VRMI will personalize the employment relationship between a job seeker and the prospect employer in a way that meets the needs of both. VRMI customized employment specialist on an individual bases will find a match between the strengths, conditions and interest of a job seeker and the business needs of an employer. 

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